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  1. Are mp3 files suitable for vinyl records?  If the record is only supposed to be a souvenir, mp3 files are an acceptable format. Conversion to the mp3 format irreversibly destroys a lot of data from the source file. Yet, if the mp3 file sounds good enough for you, the quality of the sound will only get better on the vinyl record.

  2. Are customers required to order a specified number if records? No. You can even order one copy.

  3. Can I send an Audio CD with my songs as source material for the vinyl? Yes, you can. We accept Audio CDs, DAT tapes, high-resolution files such as WAV or AIFF on CDs, DVDs or pendrives, 1/4 inch magnetic cassettes, etc. (in the case of cassettes, please contact us in advance)

  4. How should I send my audio files and images? - You can send digital files via WeTransfer or Dropbox (.ZIP or .RAR folder) or using your own FTP

  5. Will I receive cover and label templates, as well as printing requirements for my project? All required specifications and necessary files are available for download in the Printing section.

  6.      Are covers made from two separate pieces? - No. Our priority was to maintain high standards in all areas, including print quality. Our covers are printed in B1 format on one piece of high-quality cardboard, which is then folded - just like in the 70's and 80's.

  7.      I'd like to order a vinyl record, but I don't know what to do...- Whether you're thinking about ordering several records or just a single copy, If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly answer all your questions. For more info, click here.

  8.      How does 'Analog Mastering' work?- In very simple terms – Your recordings will be processed. We will fix any problems in the sound spectrum. If there are elements which are too loud or too quiet, we will adjust them accordingly. We will then perform a 'trial cut', before moving on to the final cut. If we're not happy with the results at this stage, we will contact you to discuss all available options. Read more in the Mastering section.

  9. Is it possible to make a record longer? Yes, it is. But not in all cases. It all depends on the source material you provide – its volume, the amount of bass, stereo effects, etc. We will perform an analysis to provide you with a precise answer.

  10. How long does it take to complete an order? - Cutting Vinyl is a very time-consuming process, since everything happens in real-time, and the are no shortcuts. It usually takes 5-7 workdays to prepare the files and complete an order. However, in certain cases, it can take less. Do not hesitate to ask!

  11. Are specified prices Gross Prices? - Yes, they are.

  12. Can labels have different shapes? - Yes, they can. We offer various shapes (including letters, signs, etc). This is subject to individual pricing.