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Vinyl Record was created as a result of our passion for the uniqie sound of analogue media and devices. It is a separate division of  KLON Recording Studio. Founded in 1996, the studio handles both analogue and digital recordings in a professional capacity. That is why Vinyl Record can use the expertise and experience of the engineers, as well as access analogue devices which are very uncommon these days. We created a process of analogue conversion of digital records, to 'retrieve' as much musical data as possible, and get rid of the 'crunchy' sound. Vinyl Record uses the ears and the music tastes of a group of friendly music lovers and vinyl record aficionados, who are our first critics and reviewers. All in the name of a rich sound, which will convey maximum musical information, provide pleasure and get the listener hooked on this sound. Thanks to the technology we use we can afford to produce very small quantities or even single records. This will make your record unique not only because of the sound and the cover, but also the existing number of copies.