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  • Vinyl Records No minimum quantity orders. High-quality vinyl records Vinyl Record Produktion

  • Covers for vinyl records Covers printed according to your design, standard jacket and gatefold jacket.Your cover design

Vinyl records – no minimum quantity orders


Creating vinyl records is our passion. A passion clearly visible in every single order. Now you can order even a single copy of your record. Analogue Mastering provides a unique sound. This type of sound is highly addictive to the listener.



We specialize in small orders. No minimum quantity orders – starting from just 1 record. Numbered series. Artistic projects. The craziest ideas and challenges. We create album covers based on our customers' projects. We can also, upon request, create a new project from scratch. We offer classic black and transparent 7', 10' and 12' vinyls, their - red, blue, white  and  green  counterparts,  as well as  Picture Disc 7" i 12".

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    Analog Vinyl Mastering


    Thanks to highly specialized devices from Neumann, Studer, Maselec, Manley Laboratories, Bricasti and Lavry, we are able to optimize records specifically for vinyl. We offer two types of mastering. STANDARD MASTERING – involves analysis and preparation of your record in regards to: phases, low-end, high-end, transients, sub-transients, sybiliance, RMS range and compression. We also offer TAPE MASTERING – this service entails all the procedures from the standard version, but we will also use the STUDER A80 MASTER RECORDER to transfer your recordings onto tape, to make them sound as analogue as possible. Read more in mastering.


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    One of the inseparable attributes of each vinyl record is the album cover. We offer a vide variety of covers – from Standard to Gatefold jackets. Full-colour, waterproof print on cardboard. Exactly like in this medium's heyday. For more info, visit the Printing section.

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    The magic of Vinyl


    Vinyl music is not only what we can hear – we can touch, see, read, watch and even smell it. It is also the unique quality of the sound, devoid of the so-called 'Volume Wars' – lethal for the expression and dynamics range, and yet, so prevalent on modern CDs. A vinyl record is also a great gift for musicians, music lovers and friends. Have you ever dreamed about listening to your own vinyl record? Now you can make your dream come true. Especially since you can order just a single copy.