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High-quality printing and packaging is essential to the overall impression a vinyl record makes.


LABEL - in the centre of the record. You can choose a standard round label on 7', 10' 12' records (Matt /standard/ or gloss). We also offer various other shapes – we are limited only by your imagination! (Triangles, squares, ellipses, cogwheels, etc). Full colour or black/white printing.

SLEEVE - protects your record. In direct contact with the record, provides the appropriate isolation and cleanliness. It can also serve as a medium for information and images. We offer high-quality white paper sleeves with an anti-static layer (standard) or printed sleeves. Full colour print based on your project. Available finishes: Matt, satin, gloss.

COVER - This is probably the most distinctive feature of any vinyl record. It is the album cover which makes a given record stand out amongst others, and provides the magical experience of coming into touch with the photos, images and pieces of information. We offer covers of the highest-quality printed in full colour on highest quality cardboard. (exactly the same thickness and rigidity standard as in the 70's and 80's) We offer Standard jackets (suitable for 1 record) and Gatefold Jackets (1 or 2 records). Available finishes: Matt, satin, gloss.

OBLANK COVER -(black with a hole) If you don't need a printed cover you can choose a blank black one with (view) a visible label




Format – PDF is the basic format we work with, since it eliminates most of common problems which open formats such as CDR or PSD might cause. We do not exclude other types of files. We ask you, however, to contact us in advance so we can provide a list of requirements the file in question must meet.

Bleeds – all bleeds have been marked in our templates (see below). Please do not add any additional cut markers.

Resolution – The project's resolution should be set between 150 dpi and 350 dpi (Resolution lower than 150 dpi will result in significantly lower quality. Above 350 dpi print quality does not improve in any noticeable way - the resolution only increases the size of the file).

Colour palette - Please maintain a coherent colour model and refrain from using CMYK and RGB models in different parts of the same project.

Pantone Pantone® colours will be automatically converted to their closest possible counterparts used by the printing device.

Colour saturation – Due to print restrictions, the minimum intensity of colours and small differences between the intensity of colours might not be printed at all or printed in a way which does not reflect the original project design. It is therefore crucial to keep the minimum intensity and the difference between intensity of colours above 5%.


Files to download :